what if tony soprano was a character in overwatch?

A lot of times in games writing, you’ll have to take characters that already exist and apply them to specific game contexts. Whether that’s Spider-man in a fighting game, or an original character who needs a dozen barks, I wanted to prove I’m able to utilize this skill. I took Tony Soprano, from the popular HBO series The Sopranos, and reimagined his personality as a character in Blizzard’s popular hero-shooter Overwatch.


Hero Selected
All due respect, you got no idea what it’s like to be number one.
During Set Up
You’re not family, but we’ll get it done.
Just when I thought I was out…
Waste management, complicated business.
Follow my lead, I’ve handled rows like this before.
Can’t take out the boss that easy.
Marone, that hurts.
Not in Jersey anymore, eh?
It’s a young man’s game.
This woulda never happened in the old days.
I should’ve had Chris do this.
After this, I’m headed to Boca Raton.
Health Pack
Feels better.
That hits the spot.
Buona fortuna!
On Fire
Kind of a big deal around here.
Don’t mess with me!
This is my city!
Marone, I’m on fire!
Damage Boosted
Now that’s the good stuff.
Ayy, Tony’s here!
Let the boss handle this.
Thanks, Angie. I got this.
Woo, baby!
Discord Orb Received
Voted Epic (5 Votes)
Nice to be appreciated.
Decent kickback, but you all still owe me.
I’m the capo regio.
Voted Legendary (10 Votes)
Dr. Melfi will love this.
Who else would’ve gotten it?
You know, I think this therapy is really helping.
Enemy Resurrection
Jesus, they’re back!
Can’t keep the Don down, eh?
Hey, I owe you one.
Thanks, doll.
Bada-bing, back in the fight.


Hero ChangeYou needed a professional.
Sniper SightedA sniper, keep those heads down!
Enemy SightedGot eyes on ‘em!
I can see ‘em!
Turret SightedWatch out for that turret!
Enemy Has a TeleporterI’m thinking they got a teleporter.
Let’s take out that teleporter already!
Teleporter SightedFound the teleporter!
Ally DamagedHey! Watch it!
Don’t get yourself whacked!
Time Running Out (Defense)We’re almost done with this thing, hold it together.
Time Running Out (Attack)Come on, we have to go now! Almost outta time!
If we don’t get this now, we can forget about it!
Nano-BoostedDon’t mess with my family!
You can’t get to this family!


Point Contested (Defense)Giving me agita!
Point Being Captured (Defense)Marone, don’t let ‘em take this!
Capturing PointEh, goombas, let’s get this point already.
Locking down the objective.
Point LostHey, whadayagunnado?
Payload StuckDo I have to push this thing myself?
Paesan, let’s get this going!
Escorting Payload (Attack)Finally rolling on this job.
Payload Moving (Defense)Get ‘em off this thing!


Final Blow
One down.
Can’t step to the boss.
Should’ve made Paulie do this.
I’m not cleaning that up.
(vs Pharah) Clipped your wings, heh.
(vs Soldier: 76 or Reinhardt or Torbjörn) Early retirement.
(vs Reaper) Not the first time I’ve beaten death.
(vs Sombra) Let’s keep it old-school.
(vs Roadhog) Now that’s a lotta gabagool.
(vs Reinhardt) He’s a real goomba.
(vs Winston) I may be a dope, but I won’t be beaten by an ape.
Solo Elimination
Usually I hire people to do that.
Kill Streak
I’ll whack a hundred more, where that came from.
Turret Elimination
Took out their turret!
Teleporter Elimination
Their teleporter’s busted.
Melee Final Blow
A Soprano beatdown.
I don’t hold grudges, but I don’t forget.
Team Kill
Well, that’s that handled.


How are ya?
Come stai?
Hey there.
Thank you.
Appreciate it.
I owe you.
Got it.
I getcha.
Need Healing
I need healing.
Need healing.
Group Up
Group up.
Stick with me.
Group up with me.
Get over here.
Ultimate Status (0-90%)
My ultimate is charging.
The Boss is almost ready.
Ultimate Status (100%)
The Boss is ready to get dirty.
My ultimate is ready.

Voice Lines

Need some gabagool.
Hey, you’re not my goomar!
Woke up this morning…
Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.
I’m the boss of this family.
I love my paesanos.
What are you thinking?
What’ll you do for me?
Ciao, bella!
Summer Games (2016)
A don doesn’t wear shorts.
Summer Games (2017)
I’m sweating like a pig out here!
Halloween Terror (2016)
Boo! Hahaha, gotcha, hahaha.
Halloween Terror (2017)
I got a lot of skeletons.
Winter Wonderland (2016)
Buon Natale!
Winter Wonderland (2017)
Too cold for my line of work.
Year of the Rooster
I miss those ducks.
Year of the Dog
You’re a bunch of rabid dogs.