Mediakraft // Content Writer (March to September 2021)

Playing to an audience of over 300,000, IT’S HISTORY is a production of Mediakraft that takes it’s viewers on a journey through history – discovering the world’s most important eras, the minds that changed everything and the most important inventions that helped define our world today.

my role:

In my time at Mediakraft, I was a major script writer for their various YouTube channels. Originally I covered a broader circuit of content but eventually my writing was primarily for It’s History, one of the company’s tentpole brands. During my tenure there I wrote 33 scripts, with variable length but averaging a 2 to 3 thousand words per script. Content had to be thoroughly researched and historically accurate, as well as entertaining and well-written. I was also responsible for a lot of my own research, formulating ideas and doing independent research.

I’ve included a select few of the scripts I’ve written below.