Digital Janitors

With a team of six at Tired Turtle Games, I’ve been working on Digital Janitors as a narrative lead and programmer. The game is to be released on Steam soon, and can be found here.

We’ve shown Digital Janitors off at the World Game Night event put on by Playcrafting NYC, and won a Fan Favourite Award at the Game Developer’s World Championship.

Monochrome RPG

As an intern at DVNC Tech, I designed user interfaces and levels in the Monochrome RPG. I wrote extensive documentation for the game’s early development, including long form design documents and pitch materials.

As well as writing documentation, I worked on the implementation of features in-engine, and organized an art pipeline. I also spent time maintaining an engaged user base via socials for the game’s Kickstarter campaign and Workshop program.

Partial Eclipse

A game about a spaceman working at a geological survey company deep in the asteroid belt. He’s got a daughter back home which he misses greatly, and his journey through the game is about his fractured and distant relationship with her.

Partial Eclipse was a solo project of mine. You can download and play the game on PC here.

Identity Crisis

During the Anti-Defamation League’s annual game jam, I worked on a visual novel about how identity is formed around us. I did a lot of the writing for this game, which you can play here.

Endless Ocean UI Redesign

I worked on an initial pitch for a redesign of the UI of Endless Ocean: Blue World, a 2009 Wii game. A total redesign, I took ideas from games as well as working through every aspect of the game’s design in order to make sure the UI fully supports what I identified as the game’s experience goals.

Tardigrade Jump

A class project where I was tasked with cloning Flappy Bird and adding a twist on it. In Tardigrade Jump, gravity is effected by the left and right clicks. You can play it on here

Game Art

A balloon animal standing in front of a crowd of knives. Entire scene modeled in Maya and rendered in Arnold.

A pirate’s cabin, modeled in Maya and rendered in Arnold. Sword, globe, chest, desk, and lantern were modeled by team members. Remainder of the scene was modeled by me.

An anchor sinking beneath the waves and being passed by a school of goldfish. Modeled and animated in Maya, rendered in Arnold.