dvnc tech

DVNC Tech // Game Design Intern (March to September 2020)

DVNC Tech is an ambitious, young studio from Philadelphia taking on their first major commercial release, Monochrome RPG. Monochrome RPG is a cartoony turn-based RPG made unique with ’20s rubber-hose animation. Players take to the stage with a variety of toons to entertain your opponents and try to make it to work on time. Are you ready to joke and laugh your way through a raucous world of vaudevillian antics?

my role:

I worked on Monochrome RPG very early in development, so I was responsible for writing game design documents and level designs, as well as helping in early creative ideation. DVNC utilizes a unique approach to game development, relying on a mass of amateur work through their “Workshop” program. Would-be developers sign up and produce work for the game, with the promise of returns once the game has made money. One of the other important jobs I did at DVNC was manage the pipeline for hundreds of developers. The ability to maintain quality and timely work was paramount to the projects success.

This GDD was written up by me and Lillian Joyce, another intern at the time. Incorporated within the document is a lot of illustration work from other parts of the development team. This document is no longer representative of the game, but the work and ideas within were influential on development.