digital janitors

Tired Turtle Games // Narrative Designer & Co-owner

In Digital Janitors, you play as the IT manager of a major soft drink company, and on the eve of Y2k, a virus wracks your company’s servers. Ascend Merter Tower, meet the unique characters that work there, and get to the bottom of the mystery. Why are these hackers targeting this company? How deep does the virus go? Discover the motive of the hack and uncover the story of Digital Janitors.

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my role:

At Tired Turtle Games, I’m a co-owner as well as the Narrative Designer. This means I’m responsible for all the writing in the game, as well as programming major systems related to the narrative. For example, the dialogue system in the levels and in the overworld was programmed by me. In a small team like ours, we all wear a lot of hats, and as a co-operatively organized studio, I’m equally responsible in making decisions regarding the company’s business and future.